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Premium Enhancements

 Our premium enhancements offer deep relaxation and next level full body rejuvenation,

upgrade your experience by adding one or more of our decadent enhancements to your next massage or wellness service.

Add to your next session three different ways: add to the comments section when you schedule, select options on your pre-appointment form, or tell your therapist before the start of your session.




Cupping uses negative pressure to decompress and lift tissue to effectively release knots, relieve chronic tension and pain, and ease tight muscles


Gua - Sha

Gua-Sha offers focused relief for persistent pain, providing intense deep tissue treatment using friction and "muscle scraping" techniques.


Hot towel foot cocoon

Feet are cocooned in soothing hot towels, followed by our tingling foot balm leaving feet feeling soft and nourished.




Envelop your senses with soothing pure essential oils. Choose from one of our signature blends or highlight a single scent for your session.


Aromatherapy Scalp Massage

 Our signature blend of essential oils are massaged into the scalp conditioning the skin, encouraging healthy hair, and deeply relaxing you. 


Facial cupping

Facial Cupping gently relaxes the face releasing tight muscles, smoothing skin, and reducing the appearance of fine lines while relieving chronic tension.


Body Butter

Luxurious body butter is incorporated throughout your massage deeply hydrating your skin leaving it feeling pampered and softened.

Available in multiple scents.



Ice Globe Facial Massage

 Cooling globes gently massage the face reducing fine lines, soothing redness and inflammation; reducing sinus pressure, relieving tension, and easing headache pain. Add to your next session and leave feeling fully refreshed!

Salts Massage

Back Polish

Our sweet cream back polish cleanses and buffs away dullness to reveal skin's natural glow, and is complimented by our deeply hydrating melt away mask leaving skin softened and renewed.


Muscle Rub

Add increased relaxation to your next massage. This whipped body cream infused with essential oils feels light on your skin and absorbs quickly providing rapid relief and cooling to relieve your joint and muscle aches and pain.


Foot Polish

Revitalize your skin with our invigorating foot polish and soothing hot towel foot cocoon followed by an extended foot massage with luxurious hydrating foot balm leaving feet soft and pampered.

Choose between:

Lemon Sweet Cream or Mojito Mint.


Foot Mask

 Invigorating bubbles exfoliate and cleanse while delivering nutrients and hydration deep into your skin using a special oxygenation process, a soothing hot towel foot wrap and massage with our luxurious hydrating foot balm leaves feet smooth and softened.


Red light pain relief

Natural red and near infrared light therapy delivers safe, concentrated wavelengths of natural light to your skin and cells. These wavelengths of light stimulate those cells and reduce oxidative stress, so your body is able to make more usable energy to power itself. This may increase function, speed healing, and lower inflammation & pain, as demonstrated in numerous peer-reviewed studies.




CBD is known as a treatment for a variety of conditions, by pairing CBD with massage therapy you’re able to increase benefits of both for a unique combination that will revive your spirits and have you feeling like you’re floating out of the shop.


Basalt Hot Stones

Feel tension melt away when you add hot stones to your next massage. A limited application of heated basalt stones are incorporated into your massage providing soothing relief throughout your session.


Warm Bamboo

Warmed bamboo tools ease your muscles into relaxation and allowing for deeper targeted results more rapidly. Warm bamboo is used to roll and knead your muscles providing a massage that is both relaxing and therapeutic.

"Do not be afraid to give yourself everything you've ever wanted in life"

-Frank Lloyd Wright


Facial Stones

Facial stones integrated into a relaxing massage give you a unique invigorating experience. Using gentle massage techniques stones  relax the face releasing tension while also reducing fine lines, and working to lift and tone the muscles.

Choose between:

Warm - Cool - Gua Sha


Bamboo Visage

Bamboo-Visage is a luxurious French facial massage using warmed bamboo tools. Warm bamboo smoothly glides across the face relieving tension, soothing, and smoothing skin.


Roman Dry Brushing

Dry Brushing gently exfoliates, and smooths skin, paired with our custom blend of essential oils to increase the benefits of this refreshing treatment.


Take home your dry brush and exfoliating gloves and continue to care for and pamper your skin after your session.


Warm Bamboo
Anti Cellulite treatment

Our anti cellulite body cream melts into your skin while warm bamboo tools knead, roll, and compress your tissues reducing the appearance of cellulite.

This therapy provides it’s best results  when received on a regular basis.


Marble Cold Stones

Add cold stones to your next session to reduce tension, soothe inflammation, and increase vitality.  This refreshing therapy boosts serotonin and dopamine leaving you feeling energized and uplifted.

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