Enrich your next session with Aromatherapy. Choose from one of our signature blends or we will work with you to create a blend of essential oils customized for your session.


Herbal Hot Towel Foot Wrap

Your therapist will apply a nourishing, softening foot oil, then wrap your feet with soothing hot towels infused with herbs and essential oils, leaving your feet feeling refreshed and pampered.


Roman Dry brushing

Therapists use an all natural dry brush and exfoliating gloves to pamper your skin. Roman dry brushing gently exfoliates, improves circulation, and may reduce cellulite; leaving your skin feeling soft and revitalized.



Scalp Massage

Using a unique combination of pressure point and relaxation techniques, a calming blend of pure essential oils are gently massaged into the skin, to ease tension and stimulate the scalp, for a blissfully relaxing massage.

*Requires and additional 20 minutes. Book as a separate service.


Jade Gua-Sha

hand and foot Massage

Smooth, cooling Jade stones are used to apply long gentle strokes, or deeper focused friction to reduce knots, increase circulation, and ease muscle tension. Leave feeling light and invigorated.

*Requires and additional 20 minutes. Book as a separate service.


CBD *try our new extra strength CBD from TheraReleaf professionals*

CBD breathes life into muscles with anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and restorative results!


Cooling Ice Globe

Facial Massage

We apply an organic white lily and rose-hip lotion with light emollients and active botanical extracts; that will infuse the skin with moisture while providing restorative benefits. Then we use chilled globes to gently massage the face, soothing redness and inflammation, and easing pressure, leaving you renewed refreshed.

*Requires an additional 25 minutes. Book as a separate service.



Cupping & Gua-Sha

Pay one price and enhance your next session with one or both of these therapeutic treatments.

Cupping uses negative pressure to address specific concerns, achieve deep pressure results, and provide trigger point relief in a targeted local area

Gua-Sha uses a smooth rounded edge tool to provide intense deep tissue treatment using deep friction and “muscle scraping” techniques. This enhancement provides Gua-Sha in a localized area to treat a specific concern.


Paraffin wax treatment

Hands and/or feet are immersed in individual baths of soothing warm wax. The heated wax eases muscles, joint pain and tension, opens pores, and moisturizes skin leaving hands and feet supple and soft.

*Requires an additional 25 minutes. Book as a separate service.

Hands $10

Feet $10

Hands and Feet $18

Basalt Hot Stones

A collection of basalt stones are heated to 135 degrees then gently and purposely applied to the body. Feel pampered and feel your tension melt away in the soothing warmth.


Warm Bamboo

Therapists use Warm bamboo sticks heated to between 130 - 165 degrees to ease the muscles into relaxation and provide sustained deep pressure achieving deep tissue massage results in one or two targeted areas.


Marble Cool Stone

Marble stones are chilled and applied slowly with intent to one or two areas, and used to cool the body, reducing tension, inflammation, and pain. Cooled stones increase circulation, reduce blood pressure and boost serotonin and dopamine.


Percussion Gun Therapy

Your Therapist will use a handheld tool to apply pulses of concentrated pressure deep into your muscle tissue. This form of deep-tissue massage can work knots and tension out of the muscles while improving blood flow and quickly enhancing range of motion.


Back Massage

Back, neck, and shoulder refresh

For those on a time crunch looking for a quick, tension-releasing massage.                             


45 min - $65



This stress relieving massage utilizes long, flowing strokes to ease muscle tension, increase circulation, calm the mind and induce relaxation.

30 min -$45

60 min-$80

90 min-$110

2 hour-$160


Deep Tissue Massage

A deeper level of massage for those needing intense bodywork.

Applied using sustained pressure, and slow deep strokes to target the inner layers of your muscles and connective tissues.

60 min-$95

75 min - $115

90 min-$135

2 hour-$185

Oil Massage

Signature Massage

Release your stress with this classic, highly requested massage giving extra focus to troubled areas & pamper your feet with a refreshing herbal hot towel foot wrap.


75 min - $95 


Hot Stone

Feel the warmth wash over you soothing your muscles and spirit. Experience deep, restorative, penetrating massage that soothes the mind and muscles with this full body hot stone massage.

60 min- $95

75 min - $115

90 min-$135

2 hour-$185 


Warm Bamboo

Bamboo fusion massage is a technique that uses warm bamboo sticks for deep tissue massage work. The bamboo tool allows the massage therapist to use more strength and stamina for deeper pressure. This wonderful technique promotes a deep sense of well-being and delicious relaxation.

60 min. $95

75 min. $115

90 min. $135

2 hour $185


Aromatherapy Escape Massage

*Hawaii Dreams blend still available*

Release your stress, take a deep breath and transport yourself to relaxation with a soothing 75 minute massage. Featuring all the benefits of our signature massage with hot towel foot wrap; and a custom blend of essential oils. Options include client favorite Hawaii Dreams Blend; a bright delicate blend of Jasmine, Bergamot, Lavender, and lime.

75 min - $100

Cool Stone Massage

Chilled marble penetrates deep into muscles reducing muscle spasms,  inflammation, and pain. This massage can lower heart rate and blood pressure and boosts serotonin and dopamine; it can increase circulation, and increases range of motion. Cool stone massage reduces sinus pressure and relieves tension headaches. Feel a deep sense of relaxation and refreshment after this invigorating massage.

60 min - $95

75 min - $115

90 min - $135

Upper Back Massage

Sports Massage

Ideal for rehabilitating and preventing an injury, breaking up scar tissue and stretching the area. Great for active or inactive bodies in need of a good stretch


60 min - $90



Reiki is a spiritual healing art it is a subtle and effective form of energy work using spiritually guided life force energy. A Reiki session can help ease tension and stress and can help support the body to facilitate an environment for healing on all levels – physical, mental, and emotional.

30 min - $45 

60 min - $65

90 min - $95

foot ref.jpg

Thai Bamboo
Foot Reflexology

Thai Foot Reflexology is a relaxing, yet invigorating treatment of the feet. During a typical Thai Foot Reflexology session a Thai practitioner will  use a variety of hands-on techniques along with the use of a special Thai stick, for specific acupressure to stimulate organ reflex points on the soles of the feet. Clients leave the session feeling relaxed, balanced and invigorated.

30 minutes $35

Spa Salts and Stones


Please be advised of the policies for this office. Cancellation: A 24-hour notice is required for cancellation of an appointment, or you will be charged a $40.00 cancellation fee for the appointment. Payment is due before your next appointment. Tardiness: Appointment times are as scheduled and cannot extend beyond the stated time to accommodate late arrivals. Please be on time to your appointment. Sickness: Massage/bodywork is not appropriate care for infectious or contagious illness. Please cancel your appointment as soon as you are aware of an infectious or contagious condition, if you have been diagnosed with, exposed to Covid-19 or are experiencing Covid-19 symptoms. If it is within the 24-hour notice period, the cancellation fee may be waived.